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In recent years, due to the strong mobile adoption and digital services, there has been a strong growth of data centers in Vietnam. Therefore, it’s a real math for local enterprises when choosing the location, layout and design of any data center; otherwise the set-up and operating costs of such an installation could easily consume all the savings from centralizing the data-storage and data-handling processes. Not only are they in need for a holistic data center solution, they also need information about current trends and challenges of data center market, as well as the key characteristics of the data center of the future.


Task: The workshop “IT Solution Day 2015” was organized by Schneider Electric and BizTequila. The agency was tasked to advise speaker on locally relevant content and manage discussion between local press with Schneider representative. This initiative was aimed to promote:
Promote Schneider Electric’s leadership in data centers – with data center solutions that are green, business-wise, future-driven
Emphasize Schneider Electric’s strength in the local data center market by continuously updating its state-of-the-art portfolio – that caters to local business needs and enable growth.


– Schneider Electric was leading SOV in data center field during and after the workshop
– 40 clipping including television coverage and the in-depth feature article on mass and technology focus media
– The workshop has created the fundamental to Schneider to approach its potential partners in both private and government sectors.