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Playing has never been the top priority activity of Vietnamese kids.

Challenge: tiNiWorld is one of the first kid playground in market, however there have been many newcomers recently. tiNiWorld has to take action in re-affirm its position and gain the top of mind awareness among urban parents.


Approach: As the number 1 player, tiNiWorld would make a buzz in the market to be the first one awaking and inspiring Vietnamese parents to give their kids a ”true” playful childhood. After identifying and showcasing the facts through traditional and credible communication channels, tiNiWorld brought a wonderful and impressive play – “Be Chiu Choi” to HCMC and Hanoi as an urgent calling for parents to realize how their kids were lacking of playtime. The message was conveyed in an interesting and subtle way via the play and other social touchpoints which resulted in various free coverage and tremendous public attention.


– 10,000 Vietnamese family had joined the journey via the play and social platform.
– Generated over 237% KPI for media coverage including top media and TV (Thanh Nien, Tuoi tre, VTV, Vnexpress, Dantri, …)
– Generated social discussions during the play which resulted in 5.000.000 impressions and 800.000 discussions.