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Challenge: In 2015, noodle brand Hao Hao was confronted with a major competitor initiative that confused consumers and threatened sales. On top that, Hao Hao’s market leadership was slipping among the crucial younger target: it had become not just a cheap commodity but an old brand.


Approach: We needed to urge consumers to choose the one-and-only Hao Hao:
1. Differentiate Hao Hao by building the quality reputation of its Japanese mother company Acecook.
2. Rejuvenate Hao Hao’s position as the most preferred noodle brand in Vietnam, building on 15 years of local presence.
BizTequila rolled out a PR campaign that targeted mothers (responsible for family food purchases), bringing Hao Hao’s messages in their preferred media with creative formats. Furthermore, we re-connected the brand with the younger audience in an unexpected way. Rap sensation Big Daddy composed a song about his dreams during student life and his eventual rise to fame, with Hao Hao always being there to rely on. The brand was cleverly integrated into the catchy refrain and played a subtle role in the ‘street-style’ video clip.


– Big Daddy’s clip hit >100,000 organic views only 2 days after release; the song was picked up by top online music websites in Vietnam. After 1 month, the clip reached more than 400,000 organic views.
– Hao Hao pushed its share of voice with 52 print, online and TV coverage in 6 months.