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The time that fabric softeners were just home care products is over. Downy’s target audience are no longer old-fashioned housewives but progressive and beauty-savvy women. When Downy launched Timeless – a classic scent that never goes out of style – it engaged BizTequila to connect with this evolved target audience.


Women are bombarded with beauty tips every day – it’s about more make-up, more treatments, more expensive clothes. We made Downy Timeless stand out by launching it with a new belief of beauty: true beauty is not overdoing but defining your own everlasting elegance. True beauty starts from something classic – like the new Timeless scent.
BizTequila created an online video series telling the story of how a woman’s elegance triggers the unconditional love of a man with the help of Timeless – featuring Ms. Vietnam. The series – together with female and male KOLs’ perspectives on women’s elegance – drove the content for the PR campaign and engaged the audience in a new and aspiring way.


3,000 consumers attended the launch event
More than 107 media clippings (TV, print, online) with 50% of earned media
3,000,000 YouTube views in less than a month