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Picture yourself as a Vietnamese teenage K-pop fan. V LIVE app lets K-pop idols broadcast live videos to you. Its content covers from music videos, interviews, live concerts, and in-between moments of K-pop idols. However, you don’t know of V LIVE yet.
Our task is to introduce V LIVE to you, get you to download it and most importantly, to use it on a weekly basis while you are already over-equipped with Youtube, Facebook, K-pop forums and streaming channels worldwide.
However, there is one thing that unites you and others of your kind: a desire to show love. So we turn V LIVE into a racecourse for different fandoms to show love to their idols, leveraging the ‘Heart’ icon of the app itself, something like Facebook’s ‘likes’ but with endless supply.


During launch, you helped us exceed all KPIs and made V LIVE Vietnam the top engaged V LIVE in the world.


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